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City Canyons Records proudly announces the release of Sara Wendt's new album WEIGHTLESS WITH LOVE.

A former lead singer of the East Village cult band, Homer Erotic and the founder of her own band, Went, Sara Wendt's other-worldly lyrics and bell-like voice have been charming Manhattan audiences for several years now. The songs from Sara's first record, PARACHUTE, have been described by reviewers as music for dreams or like a swim in warm and lovely tropic seas.

City Canyons, a Manhattan independent label critically acclaimed for its fresh and orginal releases, recognized the haunting brilliance of Sara's songwriting, and signed her. Now, as she moves out under her own name, Sara's songs gain a whole new emotional intensity. Critics referred to Sara's first City Canyons release, the EP "Here's Us"-- a prequel to WEIGHTLESS WITH LOVE--as a powerful pop gem.

But if the EP was powerful, WEIGHTLESS WITH LOVE is majestic, glorious alternative pop rock enriched by folk, Celtic and Far Eastern influences. The new album features exquisitely textured music, both rocking and dreamy with lyrics that glitter like precious jewels telling vivid stories of mystic journeys. It is an album to be savored like the finest of wines.

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