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City Canyons Records announces the release of Finnish group Valerian's hot new monster of an album, GUERILLA FIGHTING METHOD, a revolutionary album in more ways than one. "Hot" is not just slang for a winning rocker, although the album is certainly that. "Hot" also means angry. Valerian has issues with "The Man" and the band doesn't hold anything back, attacking everyone from "Mr. Despot," (who bears a striking resemblance to certain current politicians) to those who attempt to destroy the will and identity of the younger generation in "Children of the Menticide". In short, the band grabs the world of corrupt power by the throat and just won't let go.

None of the album becomes a preachy diatribe however. Huge twin guitars from Toni Ritonen and Matti Toivonen, the remarkable rhythm section of bassist Janne Jääskeläinen and drummer Tipi Andersson together with the protean voice of lead singer Olli Koskela grabs your body and soul and won't let go. The powerful political and social statements of the Finnish group dominate the album but there are some other winning components of the CD as well including, by way of example, a haunting and somewhat disturbing lament for lost love in "Reservoir" and a tender ballad, "My Only Love".

GUERILLA FIGHTING METHOD is the second album from Valerian. While the band's first album under the City Canyons Record label, INTIMATIONS OF SORROW, was hailed as a glam metal influenced classic, the Finnish five go in a somewhat different direction this time, blending such influences as Guns n' Roses with post-Nirvana alternative rock and the social and political awareness of a Bruce Springsteen


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