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What They're Saying About THE SECRET'S OUT:

Jen Elliott's debut on New York's City Canyons label introduced me to a new singer with a voice that ranges from soft Julia Fordham-like jazz to the sound of rock shouters like Grace Slick. THE SECRET'S OUT features a dozen cuts, and I particularly like the way she approaches love from a woman's perspective on "I Can't Concentrate" or the advice she has for "men of iron and men of steel" on "Pop Blues." THE SECRET'S OUT includes a bonus CD with "Children of the Rain" to raise awareness of how man has encroached on natural wonders like rain forests. has sound samples of "Why Can't This Be a Love Song," "Move," and "Love Crazy" - three good introductions to a young City Canyons artist well worth a listen. THE SECRET'S OUT has some literate and passionate songwriting from a woman's perspective as well as some very listenable guitar rock and blues.
Eric Steiner, Cosmik Debris

Jen Elliott's aptly titled debut album THE SECRET'S OUT presents a powerful package. A lady who can really sing, Elliott has the classy combination of belt and finesse to prove it. She's a girl who can write streetwise, intelligent, often challenging lyrics. The album supplies a sound all her own, blending and blurring rock, pop and blues, flavoured with a dash of funk, a hint of jazz, and wrapped in an eminently listen-to-it-again-and-again selection of 12 songs, each one a stand-alone gem, contributing to a rich, high-quality album. It bodes well for future releases. Jen Elliott will surely go far, her voice alone will take her places, but in this visual world, she also has looks to charm. This is a great "anytime" CD that I reluctantly removed from the player, and I will be listening hard for the next album.
Jenny Ivor, Rambles Cultural Arts Magazine

From the onstart, that strawberry blonde hair can only mean one thing: Fire. Jen Elliott, tresses and all, delivers music that mirrors her sizzling appearance on her debut album “The Secret's Out”, set for release on September 30, 2003....The sound is sultry, the beat smooth, and the lyrics inviting. Elliott's voice surrounds the music with a midsummer day's warmth, a sort of subtle heat that lulls the listener into an ardent spot. Her voice is strikingly similar to the 90's singer/songwriter Poe, with traces of Bonnie Raitt's twang and Ella Fitzgerald's jazz....It’s Elliott's understated sexiness behind her voice that truly brings the album to a higher level. She doesn't say, ‘you can't have me', but instead charms with a little punch behind the shy smile. In the first track off the album, an upbeat song with attitude, she sings “anywhere's better than here, take your chances baby.” Elliott doesn't exactly order you to jump off a building; she just lures you to the edge. “The Secret’s Out” has just the right mix of rock, blues and pop mingled with Jen Elliott's tempting voice.
Shelie Byrum,

NEW RELEASES:Young American singer/songwriter Jen Elliott has entitled her upcoming debut CD The Secret's Out. That is prophetic, as word is spreading about her promise. She has a bright yet soulful voice, one that has drawn comparisons to SHERYL CROW and BONNIE RAITT. The album is due out on City Canyons Records in September. One to watch.
Kerry Doole, Tandem News, On the Beat

The first thing that struck me about THE SECRET'S OUT was the vocals. Jen Elliott's voice possess that perfect combination of raw blues and funk-driven overtones — the perfect accompaniment to a hard hitting, funky, bluesy and everything in between record. All 12 songs on this CD stay consistent and are extremely well written, lyrically and musically. THE SECRET'S OUT is a strong debut from a very talented artist.
Kimberly Schedel, Inside Connection

THE SECRET'S OUT, Jen Elliott’s debut CD (City Canyon Records) is a perfect balance of belt it out blues and Sheryl Crowe mid-tempo rock. The opening track "Move," has a big band intro leading to a big bluesy voice. Elliot’s singing packs a bigger punch than Vonda Shepard, and hints at what a grown up Christina Aguilera would sound like….The tempo changes again with the mischievous rhythm of "Paint It" and the jungle beat of "Curse On You." The CD’s closer, "Pop Blue"s is a fantastic slice of Chicago barroom R&B that would fit in admirably at any South Side haunt on a Friday night.
Suite, Marianne Moro
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The music industry seems to be spending a great deal of time these days whining about how downloading music is killing their profits, yet can't come up with a single concrete study that supports their claim. Perhaps they need to consider some of the drivel they're pushing the customer's way. You see, a release should first and foremost be about talent and quality... and have I got a debut for you! A native of Jacksonville, Florida, 25-year-old Jen Elliott has paid her dues and is about to release her first CD titled "The Secret's Out," which also serves as an appropriate announcement for the artist herself. Jen [has] fashioned an album that combines Rock, Blues and Pop all into one. The difference here is that the music doesn't overtake Jen's voice, but rather compliments it by simply letting her do what she does best; sings. What impresses me most about Jen besides the fact she's also a songwriter is that she varies her material, delivers vocally on every track and didn't include a single filler song on the entire album. I tend to be one of those annoying types who skips around to my favorites, only not with "The Secret's Out". One of the perks of this job is being able to hear some of the fresh new talent before the industry tries to swallow them up and turn them into the next Britney Spears or "American Idol" contestant. That's not to say that the singers on that show don't have talent, but they certainly aren't doing it their way. Jen Elliot is and it shows.
Kage Alan, ModaMag

Hearing that voice, a man looks for her photo. With two senses now fueling the imagination, a man hopes ...she will appear nearby soon. She's a 21st century siren, and her mission is "the unveiling of a new music genre, RBP(Rock Blues Pop)". To this critic's ears, Jen Elliott is a Joplin/Slick-level belter. She's got the power to front a band that fronts itself and to create perpetual motion upward between herself and that band... I am glad to have been introduced to Ms. Elliot via receipt of this CD.... This record is part of a great record. We will hear from Jen Elliot again.
Arthur Shuey, Outrider Magazine


Jen Elliott puts a new and refreshing slant on pop music with her aptly titled debut The Secret’s Out. Her record company calls her music RBP, which stands for rock, blues and pop, but it’s really more blues, pop and soul. Whatever it is, there isn’t much out right now that sounds like Elliott. Listeners are first struck by Elliott's soulful voice that sounds much more mature and full-bodied than what people would expect from a slender 25-year-old. An eclectic band behind this Jacksonville, Florida, native enhances her voice by playing a wide variety of music. Well-placed background singers also help out by chiming in at the right times...Elliott creates a new niche in the music industry with The Secret's Out and fills it with spirited songs.
Brian Bizjack, Urban Tulsa Weekly

A mixture of sultry vocals and one helluva big sound. Jen Elliott mixes a wicked combination of blues, aggressive pop, and funktified jazz to create a sound that is nothing but pure emotion. She possesses a silky voice that blows over an eclectic montage of lyrics and sounds…
Andrew Hicks, Outline Magazine

New artist Jen Elliott’s debut album, THE SECRET'S OUT, is a combination of rock, blues, and pop. Elliot transports her listeners through her world of strong tempered lyrics and unbelievable sound. Hailing from Florida, she has paved her own road….Elliot is part of a new genre in the music world called RBP. Standing for Rock Pop and Blues, RPB is a revelation in which Jen Elliot is the first to experiment. Her sound involves all elements to an equal degree….With such well-written title tracks as “Move,” “Empty Eyes,” and “Love Crazy” Elliott will surely attract the needed attention she deserves. This highly creative and strong album is a great first for Elliott.
Patty Fisher
  Mace and Crown. Old Dominion University

This young, Florida-born, Manhattan-dwelling performer is clearly not the kind to hide her light under a bushel for long and "The Secret's Out" is the kind of sassy, soul'n'funk-infused rock album that immediately carves out a niche commercially....Jen Elliott is one sassy, feisty lady who's learning her craft quickly and "The Secret's Out" is both mature and slinky, with her band Bluestruck almost supernaturally well-drilled throughout...Infectiously catchy opening tune "Move" pretty much sets the tone: a huge flourish of brass heralds a funky rock tune, with a massive, soul-review chorus. It's a great, radio-friendly song with superb vocals... Songs like "Empty Eyes" and the nagging title track have plenty going for them, with a glossy, Stones-y raunch and ace vocals enhanced by big production jobs. Meanwhile, with "I Can't Concentrate" and the tantalisingly catchy "High Wire", she's got tunes that will happily satisfy the large clique impatiently waiting for Robert Cray's new record and with the slower, dramatic impact of "Love Crazy" she almost sounds like a female update of the earthy blues style that marked Paul Rodgers out as a star in the early '70s.
Tim Peacock

Her debut album, released under the banner Jen Elliott and Bluestruck and titled THE SECRET'S OUT offers up a variety of songs and songcraft that showcases her talent---tunes raised on soul, sold on rock and laced with winning but never gimmicky pop hooks.
Brent Simon
  Entertainment Today

Well, this is a gem. A mixture of blues rock and blue eyed soul with a hint of pop perception. It all kicks off with a bang, "Move" a significant statement of intent from a remarkable voice. Your attention is held all the way to the end with a rambunctious blast of honky tonk rhytm and blues, "Pop Blue"s....This is a remarkably assured debut, and an indicator of a major talent, waiting to be discovered.

New York's Jen Elliot presides over a killer mix of rock, funk, blues and R&B with her powerfully soulful vocals that melds the hooks of the top pop divas with the edge of today's hottest alt ladies. The mid tempo rocking "Move" launches the disc with a jazzy fervor. The sultry, throbbing blues of "Love Crazy" is followed by the lively pop lilt of "High Wire." With great players backing her up and solid lyric writing, Jen's debut deserves notice.
Mark E. Waterbury
  Music Morsels

New York City's own Jen Elliot has just released a soulful and bluesy album, a wonder since her record company's office was destroyed in the events of 9/11. With vocal talents beyond her 25 years, Elliot swings and struts through songs like the funky album opener 'Move' and the honky-tonk of 'Pop Blues,' while keyboardist Yaron Sarch contributes some fine supporting B-3 and electric piano. Her backing band Bluestruck does a great job with the music overall, and the songs sound like they would translate well to the stage. Elliot's been compared to Vonda Shepard and Sheryl Crow, but with the mostly self-penned The Secret's Out, Elliot's expressive voice and solid tunes find their own identity
Robbie Gennet
  Keyboard Magazine

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