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ANEMO's second studio album “STENTORIAN” is here! Featuring 11 new tracks it's certainly DARKER, STRONGER and LOUDER than their first album "Slowburn". With a more aggressive and live rock sound, the album takes you on a journey through war zones, drug addiction, piracy and sibling rivalry. In ANEMO's own words, "We wanted to make an album that reflects our live sound – a rollercoaster ride of grinding guitars, powerful drumming and passionate, sweeping vocals".

ANEMO's line-up features the powerhouse vocal talents of Hazelle Woodhurst and her sister Erika, on backing vocals.
Matt Palmer infuses each track with energetic retro-rock guitars. Keyboard and production wizard Kingsley Sage creates the soundscapes to the songs. The rhythm section is comprised of Mike Kelly, a very talented and versatile drummer with real stage presence and Dan Partington, who provides groove-heavy bass lines with real attitude.
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ANEMO - Pray

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ANEMO - slowburn

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