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Announcing the North American Release of The Painted Caravan

We are proud to announce the North American release of the Peter Ulrich Collaboration's debut album, The Painted Caravan.

The album can be purchased at these locations:

To learn more about the artists and the album, please visit The Painted Caravan.

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  • Love's Skeleton
  • Starship (Golden-Eye)
  • In This or Other Skin
  • Pureland
  • The Secret Gardener
  • Children of the Rain
Love's Skeleton


"Easily a Contender for Album of the Year"

Top UK music magazine R2, has given the album a four star rating.

Online reviewer Simon Smith of Higher Plains Music says "Quite simply 'The Painted Caravan' is utterly phenomenal from start to finish. Peter Ulrich and his collaborators (mainly Trebor Lloyd, Sara Wendt, David Steele and Anne Husick) have pulled out all the stops, said goodbye to any conformity and became trailblazers and pioneers of musical art. Easily a contender for album of the year."

Rob Steen of UK's national newspaper, The Independent, has described The Painted Caravan in Music Week as "a smorgasbord of music past, present and future, and a bona fide contender. A collaboration to be cherished."


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AIS Records

Ida Langsam
ISL Public Relations

Trebor Lloyd
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